About Us

Track Fanatics Canada is a growing, evolving site which was created to help Canadian track day motorcycle riders and racers find events, find help and find others with the same interests. We offer syndicated site news, racing series announcements, a web forum with strong media capabilities for promotion, a Facebook page to keep track of events, e-mail addresses for those who need one, and more.

Best of all, this service is free and unaffiliated, so that any vendor can offer you products or services (as long as they have a promotion of value to the members), and there are no rules other than: be good to one another.  The site is a hobby and a labour of love, not a business interest.

Track Fanatics is being operated by Steve Cole, who also administrates the Facebook page.  Hosting and computing resources are provided free by Steve’s company, Kingston Online Services.

Please contact us at admin@trackfanatics.ca.

Canadian Track Days & Racing